Slovenski Survival Multiplayer Minecraft Server
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Jap...tudi njih imamo.
Slovenski Survival Multiplayer server
Preizkusite vašo ustvarjalnost na mapi 4x večji od zemlje.
Minecraft 1.5_01

Glavni strežnik obratuje na 1.5_01 verziji.
Prisrčno vabljeni.


Prva verzija Bukkita za 1.5_01 že obratuje na testnem strežniku:

Slika: andrewk


Kot je v navadi, smo nekaj ur po izdaji 1.5 posodobitve, bili deležni še verzije 1.5_01. Verzija najbi odpravila precejšno število žužkov. Bukkit team pa se bo (končno) odpravil na delo-tako, da smo od prve TESTNE verzije 1.5 (verejtno približno 20% funkcij) oddaljeni kak dan.

Update še vedno ni priporočljiv, v kolikor ne znate ali nočete skakati med 1.4 in 1.5 .

Vanilla testni strežnik (brez funkcij, prenosa mape na glavni strežnik ne bo):


“Hahahahaha..haha…hah..ha… You’re kidding, right? You think they can just magically give you an unobfuscated JAR file? Like it’s no problem at all to figure out all of the class/method names?
They figure out the mapping, and reverse everything themselves, why do you think 1.4 took 4.5 hours to release? And why do you think they don’t want to bother with 1.5 when 1.5_01 will be out shortly with completely new obfuscation?

- Drakia Plugin Developer



UPDATE: VPS.SLO-MINECRAFT.COM – Vanila Minecraft Beta 1.5

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Update FAQ:
Q: Zomg, zomg!! Server update!!1one
A: Jaaap!

Q: Jap? Kdaj bo update?!
A: 1-3dni..odvisno od razvijalcev. (Spim tako ali tako nič)

Q: Kako grem nazaj na 1.4?
A: Tule si lahko dolpotegnete 1.4 bin mapo, s katero prepišete bin mapo na lokaciji C:\Users\ VAŠ USERNAME \AppData\Roaming\.minecraft (Win7).

Q: Kje nej pa zdej špilam?
A: S backupom 1.4, je server še vedno normalno dostopen, do updata strežnika. Kmalu, pa bo postavljen tudi VPS s testnimi buildi-kot vedno.

Q: The answer to life the universe and everything?
A: 42

- winsucker

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    Upam da boste kmalu posodobili…

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    kdaj približno bo updatan server?

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    no pa smo dočalali :) se spominim ko e tomi danes pisal na serverju da komaj čaka :) no zdaj si pa dočakal

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    lol kak mas nick? =P

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    In the meantime in russia:

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    win prazno mapo si dal gor xD

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    New Bugs:

    Creepers can make noises of other mobs.
    Sometimes it rains in snow biomes.
    Repetitively putting smeltable items in the furnace counts as a crafting statistic.
    Achievements only work in SMP if you have already completed first achievement in Single Player.
    Achievements will sometimes disappear when you close and re-open the game and can sometimes be restored by closing and re-oppening the game again.
    FPS counter shows Chunk Updates instead of FPS, usually while generating new chunks.
    The game will crash if Detector Rails are placed beside normal rails.
    A crash will also occur if a normal rail is placed next to a Detector Rail that is connected to another rail.
    Blocks can’t be placed on snow.
    If you change Advanced OpenGL to on and then back again, giant holes will appear that you can see through.
    Jumping off a fence in SMP triggers an anti-flight kick.
    Rain will fall through transparent blocks and stairs, acting as if there is no block there.
    When hitting a grass block the destroying animation is darker on the side than the animation on top of the grass block, though only on fancy graphics.
    Flowing water no longer pushes empty minecarts that fall into it.
    GUI: create new world input boxes misaligned under small and normal settings.
    Sometimes you might not get an achievement even if you do what it requires to get. This can usually be fixed by doing it in another world.
    Locked Chest is once again obtainable through inventory editing or SMP /give commands. The chests can be placed and destroyed, but no longer show the April Fools’ Day menu. When right-clicked, a locked chest will disappear after a delay. (SMP only?)
    In Singleplayer, game resumes when ‘Achievements’ is clicked on the pause menu, instead of remaining paused.
    Riding in a minecart from the south into a corner going from north to west (so it’s not connected to the current track) will crash the game. Possibly also true for other directions, yet if you’re going in the same corner coming from the east, it will work as usual.
    Burning animation on furnaces may remain after done smelting.
    Weather ambience will stop playing while using fast graphics.
    Destroying a pine or birch sapling releases the particles of a ‘normal’ sapling.
    Sometimes closing and re-opening the game will reset some or all of your settings to default.
    the acheivement ‘time to strike’ only works when crafting wooden swords.

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    Hm, Bukkit (689) 1.5_01 – full of AIDS.
    Že sam po sebi ne dela-tako da čakamo na update

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    ja nevem al da sam men al je narobe z rarom… napise mi da je –> The archive is corrupt

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  • winsucker
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    oj… vem da sem cisto falil temo.. samo kko bi lahko dodal komande na mojem serverju?
    Hvala za pomoč!
    lep pozdrav…

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